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Are you looking to buy DASH clothing online? Do you want to shop the DASH website for the Kardashians clothes boutiques? The Kardashian sisters cracked the bottle over their first store in 2006 with their close-to-home LA location. Initially met with slow sales and mild if any attention from fashion critics, the store is now getting significant promotion, thanks to the shows featuring Kim, Kourtney and Khloe. Whether it’s Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami or Keeping up with the Kardashians, there are three possible D-A-S-H boutiques to spotlight on at least three shows featuring these girls. It’s no wonder why everybody wants to shop DASH online these days!

Shop DASH Website and Buying Online

The official DASH website is, which has been live since 2007, however it is not the best online resource for DASH shopping, locations or photos. There are many fan sites dedicated to the K-DASH sisters, and likely more that are merely centered on her many TV shows, however there are few sites where you can view, shop and buy DASH clothes online. If you’re still looking for something special, and something that possesses the name of these fashionista icons, the best thing you can do is take a peek at which designers are being featured at DASH New York, Miami and Los Angeles.

Once you know the designer names, you can begin your search to see what kinds of apparel they offer. Some names specialize solely in button-down shirts for women. Some focus on leather bracelets inspired from far-away lands. Even more focus on cute jewelry, fitted dresses, seasonal attire, and matching (and sometimes not-so-matching) accessories and side items. If you’re looking for an outfit for a night on the town, shop DASH to find a killer getup. If you’re in the mood to rock your first day of class, to command the room during an interview, or to raise the bar when taking your finals, the DASH store has a great look and selection that will help any girl complete the look and feel she evokes.

Clothing, Styles and Prices

Collections change as often as every few months, weeks, or even days if the turnover is fast enough or if a product obviously isn’t moving out the door. Because of that, you never know what kind of goodie you’ll find tucked inside DASH. (When it comes time to take home your prize, keep in mind that you have to buy items in the boutique itself, as you cannot buy DASH products online or through their website

So what does D-A-S-H choose to display in their space? What kind of attitude are they going for when it comes to selecting patterns, colors and fabrics? For the past couple of months, the store seemed to be going for things that fell loosely around the body, almost in a flow-y sort of way; almost as if your dress were an extension of your very long, very healthy hair. Swaying when you sway, twirling when you twirl, these were the kinds of vibes the Kardashians are going for when they select their buyers and suppliers. Some are local, some are national, and some come from all reaches of the globe. No matter where they buy their products, the important part for you to remember is that you can buy DASH (in person) in Los Angeles, Florida and NYC.


While this page hasn’t been filled with the best news for any potential online shopper, there is a bright spot at the end of this very dark “no can do” tunnel. The good news, is that you can buy Kardashian clothing online. In fact, it’s incredibly easy to browse jackets, leggings, cover ups, shoes and more – all from designs inspired by, or at least approved by in some capacity, the Calabasas-raised divas themselves.

The franchise of clothing I’m talking about above is known as K-DASH, and it’s sold exclusively through QVC. The QVC company sells its products online, over the phone, by mailing paper catalogs, and also directly through their website. If you go to this site, you’ll see lots of K-DASH clothing to save and buy for yourself or for your friends. The site takes every major brand of credit and debit card, so going home with that dual-zipper hoodie is a possibility. The chance of you strutting the sidewalk in the same leather jacket that Kim Kardashian wore to lunch yesterday, is incredibly high. In fact, Kim and her sisters Kourtney and Khloe are all known for wearing clothes that they either designed themselves, or that are at least featured and sold in their boutiques. Many of the product sites on QVC’s website actually had pictures of Kim K walking up and down some fancy-store lined street, obviously aware of the camera and not always looking all-too-pleased about their presence in her way, and in her life in general.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is the DASH Store fashion queen known for her out of control curves, crazy love life, enormous diamond ring, and three DASH stores that she runs with her sisters Kourtney and Khloe. They pioneered the idea of Kardashian clothing when they opened the door to the Los Angeles DASH store. Kim showcases some of her favorite dresses, shirts and other articles of clothing in her boutiques, and she has ample time to promote her store on her show Keeping up with the Kardashians.

Kim Kardashian Biography

It’s unfortunate that Kim Kardashian has the reputation that she does with some people. There are individuals that might make her out to be dumb, or to not have any clue how to run a business. Some might see her as an object more than a mind, and others might put down her sense of style. However, Kim isn’t going to let those minds get in the way of her and her quest to dominate the world of fashion retail. With three DASH locations already open and more likely to come on the way, it’s very good reason to keep your eye on Kim.

Who is Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian DASH Store Picture

The beautiful Kim Kardashian is responsible for all three DASH locations. Photo © Glenn Francis,

There is no single reason why Kimberly Noel is famous in the public eye. She did not star in any famous movies, release any hit singles, cure any illness, or prepare any delicious dish for the world to eat. If Kim pioneered anything, it’s in reminding the world that a girl with curves can be, and is, a very beautiful thing. Kim starred in a humorous commercial for, of all things, fast food chain Carl’s Jr. While you might think that such a tiny and obviously in-shape image icon would never actually eat such a thing, in her defense the ad is for a salad. And, in the public’s defense, the ad does show Kim eating said salad in the bathtub. It wasn’t an awful ad.

Kim Kardashian’s DASH Stores

There’s DASH in Miami, which was the second DASH to open. This of course came just a few years after their Los Angeles DASH opened just on the border of the city in Calabasas, a city slightly hotter and less congested -note “less”- than the highly-publicized city of LA. The first Keeping up with the Kardashian shows were filmed partly in the Calabasas/Los Angeles California DASH stores. With that sort of exposure, it’s no wonder why everybody is looking at DASH clothing online. This DASH website is always looking fo the best information for anyone online to buy DASH clothes.

Keeping up with the Kardashians

Does anybody know how many seasons this show has been on? It seems like it’s been forever! Of course this isn’t a bad thing. Oh no, instead it’s a great thing! If you want to see Kourtney’s DASH store, all you have to do is watch Kourtney and Khloe take Miami, a spinoff of the similarly-named show Kim and Kourtney take New York. It seems as though Kim and her sisters are just fine with promoting themselves and their DASH stores as much as possible both on television, in print and online.

About Kim

How old is Kim Kardashian? She is currently thirty years old (30), as she was born October 21 in the year 1980. She stands just barely above five feet tall and is engaged to NBA star Kris Humphries. The hoop-shooter reportedly spent over two million dollars on the crystal-clear engagement ring on Kim’s finger. Of course, can you really put a price on love?

Does Kim work at the DASH store?

Unfortunately Kim Kardashian does not work at her own boutique stores. She did open them, and she does appear in them from time to time, but she can not be depended on for some sort of reliable appearance schedule at the New York, Miami or Los Angeles DASH stores. Kim might be off buying DASH clothes at any given moment, but this DASH website can say that she does not hand out receipts at her stores.

DASH Clothing

DASH clothing and DASH clothes boutiques feature an apparel collection by Kim Kardashian, as well as her sisters Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian. The girls unlocked the doors on their premier store near Los Angeles in a smaller city by tne name of Calabasas. The Kardashian crew occupied a house out there, which was also the founding groud of their first reality TV show, which is now ubiuitous among gossip mags, hair salons and sleepover parties. In 2009 Miami DASH welcomed tourists and shoppers with their selection of clothing.

The success of the Miami boutique made it a very easy decision to open another location, but where would they open the doors to their next fashion temple? Well, with the West coast covered in Calabasas, and the steamy, summer-friendly region of Florida saturated, there’s only one more sensible place that the fashion Diva Kardashians should lay ground – Manhattan, New York. DASH clothing NYC is the newest and hippest store in the KK lineup. It’s no stranger to star sightings, especially when you consider that it is a stage for several of the Kardashian reality shows.

DASH Clothes

It’s easy to fall in love with the clothes at DASH boutiques because the Kardashian girls really know how to select and fetaure seasonal designs that really highlight a girl’s natural features and assets. If you have curves that extend slightly beyond those of a standard female, you might be in luck shopping at the DASH store. Since the Kardashians are girls that are full in both the chest and in the jeans, it’s easy to understand why they sympathize with the girls with a real shape to their figure. If you’re looking for carrot-and-celery-diet friendly fashion then you’re in the wrong league here.

DASH clothing changes every few months because it also changes with seasons. Beyond changing every season, sometimes certain things sell better than others and the girls need to address those needs by adapting to supply and demand in the clothing market. While the three different stores try to feature many of the same designers, it’s not always possible, since the DASH buyers also do business with local merchants and fashion dealers. You might be buying a jacket from a craftsman in New Jersey or a sidebag from a leather artisan based in Orange county.

DASH Clothing Website

This is one of the best DASH websites online at the moment. The internet is full of DASH store sites and they don’t always have all the best information such as reviews. This site strives to have everything from addresses for all DASH locations, to pictures of DASH clothes and also of the Kardashians and their family and cable TV shows.

The official website for the DASH clothing store is listed as but it gives you a message that indicates that the URL and internet address for that homepage is no longer accessible, broken, or missing. Either way this is why this DASH store website exists, to give you what you need to know.

Buy DASH Clothing Online

Again, since there is no way to browse DASH clothes online in an official DASH clothing website, then there is no way to purchase the fashion items and accessories made available by the store. We can, however, provide you with a mixed assortment of photos that feature clothing from DASH and also of other things like accessories and even the insides of the stores themselves. If you think you can contribute photos to this page for the site please let us know by posting a link to them or to your site in the comments below.

DASH New York

Absolutely anybody that loves the Kardashians will love DASH NYC in New York. This location can go by many different names. Whether you call it DASH NYC, New York, Manhattan or Soho, anybody that knows small-store fashion will know what you’re talking about. The New York division of Kourtney, Kim and Khloe Kardashian’s fashion franchise is surely one of the most glamorous and over-the-top clothing stops in the SoHo district. Considering you’re around great designer names such as Gucci, Prada and Louis, it’s quite a statement to be noticed in this crowd, much less to stand out among the pack.


If you’re planning on visitng the area, it’s best to come prepared knowing when and where you need to be to get the best deals on Kardashian DASH clothing. Check out the below details if you need to know more when it comes to tracking down your favorite looks.

ADDRESS for DASH NYC: 119 Spring Street in Manhattan New York ZIP: 10012

PHONE NUMBER: 212.226.2646

WHEN TO SHOW UP: Monday to Friday from 11am to 6pm, and on Saturday during the window of 11am to 5pm.

DASH New York Reviews

The DASH store gets a lot of flack from critics and reporters the cover the world of clothing and style. Many argue that the prices are simply too high, with common tee-shirts going above fifty dollars easily, or with jeans and other bottoms soaring to the three digit range, and we’re not talkin about three digits starting with the numeral one, either. You can easily start those triple spaces with a two or a three, depending on which item you select and which designer’s name is scribed on the garments tag.

Aside from prices, some simply aren’t “blown away” by the pieces hanging from the DASH New York display shelves. But I don’t think the girls are out to blow the mind of fashion. Instead, I think they’re trying to offer simple, elegant and season-friendly clothing design. Whether that means capris, summer dresses or fitted hoodies, the Kardashians will use whatever connections they have with apparel retailers and designers to get the most interesting, unique or appealing items within the walls of their namesake boutique.

Overall, online rating sites give DASH in Manhattan NYC a poor 40% score, however it’s important to know that this is based on a handful of votes, as opposed to thousands, so there’s a lot of room for individual votes to sway the results significantly. The takeaway from the bitter commentary was that the prices for DASH are high, the clothing selection is minimal, the store appears sparsely arranged, and service can be less-than-stellar depending on which sales attendant decides to enter your life on any given day.

Other DASH Store Locations

New York isn’t the only great place to buy cheap DASH clothing. In fact, this store was the last place to stock and sell Kardashian clothes. If you really want to see what the boutique has to offer in terms of selections and styles, I recommend you call or visit DASH Miami or DASH California outside LA. It’s also fun to plan the rest of your day or trip around the adventure to your nearby DASH store. Find a good place to eat, sleep, visit or play before or after your D-A-S-H experience (we’ve seen it spelled both with and without dashes, so your preference is as good as any).

DASH Los Angeles

The DASH Los Angeles store in Calabasas California is located just outside the city of LA, and was the very first boutique to carry the letters D-A-S-H over the doorframe. It’s hard to believe that what is now a seeming fashion empire started within the walls of this humble, just-outside-Los Angeles fashion boutique. It was easy for Kourtney, Khloe and Kim Kardashian to open an apparel store here because it’s also the city that claimed home to their first, primary and most successful reality TV show (and arguably most successful business endeavor in general) Keeping up With the Kardashians. Yes, since the girls would wake up to an inconspicuous camera crew every day and entertain the world with the stories of toast, hygiene and boyfriend-exchange cycles, they thought it only natural to both build and provide another setting for their cash-generating, mind-zapping television program.

DASH Calabasas California

The address and contact information for the DASH Los Angeles location is as follows:
DASH California Address: 4774 Park Granada in Calabasas city, California CA, zip: 91302.
DASH LA Hours Open/Close: Monday through Friday 11am to 6pm, along with Saturdays between the times of 11am and 5pm. The store is not open on Sunday, according to recent online updates and trials. Let us know if you have different results regarding DASH hours, locations or promotions by telling us about them in the comment box at the bottom of this page.

DASH Los Angeles Location
Where is the DASH store in California? The be general, it’s located in the city of LA, otherwise known as the city of angels. This mega-metropolis claims the spot of #2 biggest/most populous city in the country, and is considered one of the major fashion capitals of the country. Cars, jewelry, clothes and style are all on high display in this coastal city.

However, to be more specific and to pay more respect to the city itself, the flagstone DASH store was erected, opened and continues to be operated in the unassuming city of Calabasas. With a population of just over twenty-three thousand people, Calabas is just big enough to be taken seriously as a city, but small enough to enjoy the relative privacy and calmness afforded by a smaller or more suburban area. Calabasas is located NW of LA, and sits somewhere between there and the city and county of Ventura.

The DASH Boutique in Los Angeles

Most people are surprised by the size of DASH Calabasas. The store tends to look much bigger and much more expansive on television. One likely explanation for this is the cameraman’s ability to use a wide-angle lens. These wide-angle lenses allow a photographer or director to get more of a room or area into his picture. Since store owners are always trying to make their clothes and apparel look fuller and more diverse, and since custmoers want to be able to see what you’re posting as “on sale” or “new,” it’s always best to show as many clothing brands, prices and types as possible.

DASH Locations

Every location of the DASH store is different in layout, design and feel, however many of them carry the same brands and items on their floor. However, the stores also work with local merchants to offer locally-crafted, regionally-exclusive product. DASH NYC might have something totally different than DASH Miami. Likewise that store might run circles around the California branch when it comes to tank tops. However, it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if the West LA location had the best dresses, flair pieces, and even accessories such as bags, ties, belts, scarves and other in-the-now, in-the-know pieces.

DASH Los Angeles Website

Don’t forget to visit the DASH clothing website to see about how to find, print and view online DASH directory information such as location, street intersection address and other helpful identifying and descriptive details. The official DASH LA website is


The DASH Store website is, a website reserved by the DASH boutiques owned by Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian. You can visit the official DASH clothing website to see what the store has in stock at the moment, but you can also browse this site here to get our take on what’s cooking at the Kardashian boutique. Website

This is a very memorable domain name for DASH online, and if you want to buy DASH clothing online then this is a good place to start your journey. However if you really want to make a roadmap for your DASH shopping spree, then you should take a minute to check out our examples of DASH clothing, pictures or even locations that might be near you. If they’re not near you now, there’s a good chance that the fashion franchise will branch out even closer to your neighborhood. Considering the store opened three locations in just under four years, then it’s not unfair to think that they could open up ten in a decade!

Where to buy DASH clothes

This is an easy question to answer, and you have three choices to make this dream a reality. You can make a stop in warm and muggy Miami, Florida – but maybe that climate isn’t really your thing. Of course, they do say humidity is good for your complexity. If you want to take a higher-fashion route, then I’d recommend treking up north to the great state of New York, because in the city that never sleeps, NYC lays claim to the third and newest DASH boutique. For the Kardashian loyalist, make a pilgrimage to the orignal DASH in flat, sandy and desert-tastic Calabasas, California. CA unlocked their deadbolts in 2006, Florida three years down the line in 2009, and NYC-Soho a year after in 2010.

Brands, Designers and Labels at DASH
The apparel at Kim’s stores changes just about as fast as her boyfriends once did. That is, before she became engaged to her very tall and very current fiance Mr. Kris Humphries of NBA fame. Kim has her own line of swimwear titled Beach Bunny, perfume titled simply by her name, and even exclusive jewelery catalogs.

DASH designers include known, new and local names such as Backstage, Siwy Demim, ALC, Nightcap, Wildfox, Myne, Ronny Kobo, PJK and more. It’s hard to know exactly what these brands sell or what their collections look like, but that’s why it’s important to always visit the DASH store frequently and with enough attention to make note of what’s new and what’s old at the boutiques. If it’s new, you’ll know it won’t be there for long. If it’s old, you know that it might go on sale sooner rather than later. Write down the prices and location of your favorite DASH clothes and keep them in your sight.

Pictures of DASH Clothing from ShopDASHOnline

ShopDashOnline Clothing
Who can decide what DASH clothing to buy when they’re all so fun and cute? Check ou the picture here with loads of new, never-before-seen clothes from the Miami DASH store. Of course the Manhattan/New York and Los Angeles stores will likely carry the same clothes, but you can never be too sure so you should always call ahead to see if what you like on this DASH website is available to purchase in the store nearest you. The DASH website does not let you purchase and buy the store’s clothing online at this moment.

What do you think of all apparel you see here? What’s your favorite shirt on the table – which saying means the most to you? This array was actually set out in honor of Independence Day for 2011, a day that deserves a special outfit to recognize the importance of the day. Although Kim Kardashian didn’t really wear any of the items here, I’m sure she would wear every graphic you can see here!

DASH Clothing Store Website

This DASH store website is where you go if you want to find out where and how to buy DASH clothes online. The only problem with that situation, is the fact that you actually can’t buy DASH clothing online. You can buy K-DASH clothes online, which is a line brought to you thanks to the partnership of the Kardashian sisters and QVC. The website there lists all kinds of Kardashian clothes to buy online. Don’t get confused between K-DASh and DASH store clothes, as they’re two totally different things. The stores do not share merchandise, although both lines are very attractive and offer great ideas in the realm of affordable, high-end fashion.

Official DASH Store Website

The web address for the DASH store website is The site was launched back in 2007 in celebration of the opening of the first DASH stores in Los Angeles and Miami. The unfortunate part of the story is that the website appears to be under construction still many years later. But don’t worry, if there’s something you need to know in order to shop at DASH, you can find it here on this website for DASH clothing.

Kim Kardashian is the star of Keeping up with the Kardashians, as well as several other TV shows that make her seem like a super star diva queen. Okay that might be a little exagerated, but it’s not a complete lie to say that Kim likes her time in the spotlight. The good part about that, however, is that she is afforded a lot of time in the fashion lens. She has a lot of power, sway and say in what tweens, teenagers, and young adults may want to wear and buy when it comes to their closet and fashion chests.

DASH Store Online

The kinds of pages on this site include DASH boutiques, photographs, driving directions, floorplans, merchandise and more. We keep our fingers on the pulse of what’s going on in terms of DASH clothes featured in the stores as well as on the cable shows with Kim and her sisters. The stores get a lot of air time due to being the backdrop to at least two of the shows that center upon the “why are they famous” Kardashians. While the girls do spend a lot of their time in restaurants, stores, malls, clubs and other swanky spots, they do spend a nice amount of time parading around the stores that bare their initials – or, at least, a partial collection of their initials.

More products at DASH
If it’s summer time then you can expect to easily find bikinis, one-piece swimsuits, and tubetops on the racks. If winter snows are boding overhead, the store will bust out their faux-fur lined jackets, waterproof overcoats, form-fitting gloves and decorative (but toasty) scarves. Spring brings the most adorable dresses to the lucky shoppers at DASH clothing. You should expect to put back a good amount of dough on most of these dresses, say upwards of one, two or even sometimes three hundred dollars. That’s a lot of money for a single piece of fabric, but considering it’s technically been “touched” by the hands of the Kardashian sisters, it’s not such a big prices to pay.

DASH Locations

If you’re looking for DASH store and DASH clothing locations you’re on the right website. No matter if you’re near Los Angeles, Miami or NYC there’s a Kardashian DASH store near you. Unfortunately there’s no such thing as a DASH clothing store website per say, but there are a collection of websites around that serve to show DASH store hours, pictures, locations and more. Let’s start by going through the street addresses and telephone numbers for all three DASH boutiques. Keep in mind that these numbers (whether for a street or telephone) are subject to change so it’s always best to contact a location before you head that way.

DASH Store Locations

Do you know where the Kardashians built their first DASH boutique? It was actually in Calabasas, California. Why did they pick such a seemingly randomly location? Well to begin with, this is the city where the Kardashian sisters and their parents first lived when they began filming their reality TV show Keeping up with the Kardashians. The sisters were very sentimental to both the town and the people there, so they were happy to begin their fashion endeavors in their supportive and nearby hometown.

DASH Calabasas/Los Angeles California CA
DASH LA Address: 4774 Granada in Calabasas, CA. Zip: 91302. Suite Five.
Store Phone: 818.222.4122
Store Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday 11am-6pm and on Saturdays between 11am and 5pm.

DASH Miami Florida, FL
DASH Miami Address: 815 Washington Avenue in Miami city of Florida, Zip: 33139
Store Phone: 305.531.8484
Store Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday 11am to 6pm, and Saturday between 11am and 5pm

DASH NYC Manhattan New York
DASH NYC Address: 119 Spring Street in Manhattan New York, NY, Zip: 11012
Store Phone: 212.226.2646
Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday 11am to 6pm and Saturdays between 11am to 5pm.

DASH NYC, Miami and LA/California

Each DASH boutique has its own vibe, layout, stock and style. If you think you don’t like what’s going on at one location, you can always drop by another branch for a similar, but still-different shoppin experience. The Calabasas location has a nostalgic-yet- famous feel, thanks to its constant presence in the girls’ television shows. The Miami store has a tropical vibe, with summer clothes constantly lining the the store’s front windows and inside displays. Finally, the DASH NYC store is definitely the most hip and “be seen” storefront.

The best part about the New York retailer is it’s location in the Big Apple’s SoHo district. Being in this slice of the city puts it in the vicinity of veteran, notable fashion icons such as Bloomingdale’s, Prada, Armani Exchange and more. Recently an increasing amount of affordable fashion outlets have risen from these streets. Discount fashion stores such as H&M and Banana Republic have been making considerable headway in terms of both revenue and stylistic footprint within and around the neighborhood.

DASH Clothing Website

There is not a DASH clothing store website online that is official and functional, although in theory the official DASH site is In the even that particular URL does not function or suit your needs, we hope this DASH website you’re on now will provide you with all the DASH clothes, pictures, online shopping and more. Kim Kardashian and her sisters Kourtney and Khloe are happy to bring you DASH clothing, K-DASH clothes and more that they can advertise on their reality shows and in their own closets and red carpet runs.

DASH Miami

The Miami DASH Clothing boutique sells some of the most provocative and summer-born clothing of any DASH store. This only makes sense considering this particular boutique is situation in a city known for itty-bitty swimsuits on hot, sandy beaches. Tiny shorts are practically a religion here, skin glows with the ferocity of the sun that created its very hue, and the beaches are as covered by sun-bathing vixens as they are wrinkled retirees. DASH stores offer clothes that are perfectly suited to the climate and mood of Florida’s bustling city of Miami.

DASH Store Miami, Florida

DASH Miami ADDRESS: 815 Washington Avenue in Miami, Florida (FL) ZIP: 33139

PHONE NUMBER: 205.531.8484

HOURS OPEN/CLOSE: Monday to Friday 11am-6pm and Saturdays between 11am and 5pm in the evening.

The Miami boutique has an interesting history. Before the grand day where DASH Miami was to open for business, the store got a facelift by local fans of Kim Kardashian – a facelift that involved tagging the front-facing windows of the store with phrases that referenced the celebrity’s sizeable, well, chest. Needless to say the words received more press than was necessary, but it helped the store gather additional time in the limelight before opening day.

Website for Miami DASH

The site you’re on now has the best information about Kim and the girl’s Miami store. You may visit the official DASH store website,, however the site is not managed as frequently as this site, and does not contain as many DASH pictures, locations or reviews. Let us know what information you’d like to read about when it comes to this chain of apparel and accessories – simply leave your thoughts and requests in the comment box below.

DASH Miami Reviews

Unfortunately the reviews and referrals for the DASH boutique in Miami are no better than those for the New York location. In fact, the Miami store actually earned a less-than-encouraging one-and-a-half stars out of five when it comes to satisfying customers on a matrix of price, quality, products and service. Between what appear to be comparatively inflated prices and the poor service that many patrons received when visitin the Kardashian store on Washington, it’s easy to see why most people skip this location to try and visit the California or New York depot, instead.

There are many stories of ten-dollar bottles of water, and of other signature items that will put you back over twenty dollars without a whole lot to show for it. But here’s the thing, you’re going to a store that was envisioned, produced and stocked by one of the most extravagent and decadent names in entertainment – Ms. Kim soon to be Humpries Kardashian. When you think about it this way, all of a sudden fifty-five dollars for a shirt bearing a simple design doesn’t seem so bad, especially when you consider that her engagement ring costs over two million dollars!

DASH Shopping Advice

You simply need to look at your trip to DASH as an experience, one that’s similar to gambling or attempting some extreme sport. The trip is usually fairly short lived, and the event might set you back quite a bit financially, but you lived life to the fullest and splurged on something with a name you can brag about to your friends. In that regard, buying something at the Miami DASH clothing store is the best way to show your support for the queens of fashion, trail-blazing and entrepreneurship, the K-Dash sisters.

DASH Store

The DASH Store by the Kardashians brings boutique fashion to the masses. With DASH Clothing stores in California, Florida and New York, it’s no wonder why DASH clothes are popping up everywhere from TV to the runway, and from billboards to magazine inserts. Kim Kardashian’s DASH store is making its name in this world of boutique fashion.

The DASH Store doesn’t just sell clothing. In fact, they sell way more than just apparel and standard cloth-based merchandise. The store also branches out into household product such as handmade candles, or even health products such as water bottles and workout accessories. You can catch famous designers coming in and out of the store, and you can also see their names gracing the store floor. Whether you’re in the mood for a stringy bikini, shorts that leave little to the imagination or even if it’s just a few shirts that display the word “D-A-S-H” proudly across the chest, these three shops know exactly which pieces to show off during fashion sales and seasons.

What does the DASH Store sell?

Like any standard fashion boutique, the DASH store sells clothes, accessories, purses, wraps and more. Every now and then you might see some DASH shoes or hats, or something else that’s apparel- related but not quite clothing. The Kardashian girls do this when they want to branch out and give their shops a little more flavor, and they often do it with unique and exclusive pieces of jewelry fashioned by local designers.

The jewelry offered by DASH comes from the minds and fingers of local artisans, craftsmen and other skilled hands. Whether you’re in the mood for a beaded wrap around your wrist, a heavy pendant to compliment your low neckline, or a rustic metal band to surround any one of your fingers, the DASH store’s jewelry selection is sure to provide you with some accessory-based inspiration. Many of the designs offered from the boutiques are inspired by other cultural traditions, pieces or designs.

Summer will bring adorable dresses. Winter will put heavy faux- feather and fur jackets to the racks. Spring will put those heavy jackets on the clearance and sale rack while shorter and skimpier things make their way to the main showroom floor. DASH NYC will change out their seasonal collection at a slower pace than DASH Miami, and we could sit around and make jokes all day about how California clothing stores never really have to adapt for seasonal conditions or forecasts.

If it can be worn, styled or showed off, chances are it’s sold inside one of the three DASH Stores. Hats and caps are joined by shoes and pumps. Purses and handbags are complemented by pasminas and sterling silver accents. You might see a nationally-known designer brand gracing the hanger of one of these boutiques, but be prepared to wonder “who is this” when you look at many labels, as well. One of the best things you could do before you buy DASH clothing online or in a store, is check out the websites and catalog for the names being featured on the showroom floor.

DASH Clothing Store Website

Oficially the online website and store for DASH clothing is If you’re interested in seeing, browsing or buying DASH clothes online, the best thing you could do is keep coming back to this site to see what new styles, cuts and trends DASH is currently showing off. Once you have a better idea on which clothes you’d like to buy, you can make a stop into on of the three DASH locations and take home the item that’s been calling your name. The DASH website you’re on now is much more functional and helpful than tends to be.

Locations for the DASH Store

While some people might say that three DASH stores is enough for this world, I think there are many people that would gladly argue against that fact. California holds claim to the “pilot” store, with doors first being unlocked in Calabasas on the girls’ quest for fashion dominance. A trio of years later the sisters broke ground on DASH Miami. Finally just a year following Florida’s debut came DASH NYC located in the fashion neighborhood of SoHo, New York.

Each one of these stores is perfectly suited for the region it serves, for one reason or another. Check out the DASH addresses and details below:

DASH NYC in New York
Located on 119 Spring Street, tucked between Mercer and Greene, in bustling Manhattan, New York (10012), the third store in the DASH trifecta is also one of the most elegant and elaborate. Granted the product floor is still relatively limited, however the space itself is a little more elegant than some of the other, earlier locations. The NY DASH Store is open on weekdays from 11am to 6pm, and on Saturdays from 11am to 5pm. Give the store a call at 212-226-2646 if you want to see what’s in stock, on sale, or coming up in season.

DASH Miami in Florida
The middle child of all DASH clothing shops, Miami’s hot, sticky climate is perfectly suited to the less-than-conservative stylings of the Kardashian sisters. Standing at 815 Washington Ave. near the bustling city of Miami, FL (33139) you can often see this show appear in the cable reality show Kourtney and Khloe take Miami, which is a play off of the sisters’ first -and most successful- television show, Keeping up with the Kardashians. Questions or concerns? Pick up the phone and call the Miami store at 305-531-8484

DASH Calabasas in California
Chances are we’re wondering the same thing here. Why did Kim Kardashian choose to open the very first, stage-setting DASH in a city like Calabasas instead of nearby, neighboring metropolitan heavyweight Los Angeles? Well when you factor in the fact that the Kardashian family lived and cohabitated the city at the start of their television fame, it starts to become apparent why the clan decided to lay down entrepreneurial roots in their hometown. Check the premier store’s layout and merchandise by visiting Suite #5 on 4774 Granada in Calabasas itself (91302). While the girls used to spend a good deal of time here, you are now just as likely to spot them at any of the other locations as you are here. If you’re planning on making a stop in the CA area, give the store a call to see what’s kicking by dialing 818-222-4122.